For The Love of Smart-Maps

Written By Aisle411 Team
January 26, 2012


I love maps.


You see, here at aisle411, we have some kind-of-unhealthy obsession with navigation.  Indoor navigation, to be precise.  Finding your way through a retail store, getting from point A to point B efficiently is one of those everyday victories that we outwardly celebrate.

We call it the “Aw Yeah!” moment.  (insert double high-fives here)


So how is it that we’re constantly fist-pumping and hollering “Aw Yeah!”

Well, it’s like I said, we love maps…but not just any old jpg of a floor plan.  I’m talking about Smart-Maps.


aisle411 creates item level, searchable smart-maps of retail locations. What makes our maps so “smart” is the layering of searchable data over interactive map of a store.

Ohhhh…It’s the Data.  It’s the data that makes the map so useful.



Think about your favorite GPS application.  Street maps are cool, but how much more useful are they because of the searchable data you find in your maps?  You can find yourself using GPS (I’m the blue dot), you can search for a specific address or generic location search like “coffee shop” and then you can create a route between two points.  Aw Yeah!

Without search and navigation, your GPS would be far less useful.  This search and navigation feature represents layers of data.


Now take that experience indoors.  Your aisle411 mobile store map shows you the layout of the store, plus it makes layers of data interactive and searchable:

  • Item location data helps you find what you are looking for
  • Your shopping list data let’s you route your path through the store
  • Feature or sale item data
  • Points of interest
  • Digital coupons
  • Recipe recommendations
  • User preferences / profiles
  • Inventory / out-of-stock


This stuff is real…imagine the possibilities!


So don’t judge me for my strange but sincere affection for aisle411 smart-maps.  They’re cool, no doubt.  Just consider the complexity of the relationship and appreciate our commitment to making shopping a lot easier.


Oh…and check out our website at or our Facebook page here.

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