New Alliance Closes The Loop On In-Store Shopper Intent, Boost Basket Size

Written By Aisle411 Team
May 4, 2015

Combine local product search and in-store navigation with customer-facing solutions including in-store smartphone and handheld self-scanning and you have created the capabilities to do more than remove the friction from the shopping journey (helping people find and buy items faster and without the wait at the checkout).

You have laid the groundwork for a holistic approach that can close the in-store digital loop for retailers and brands, allowing them to take advantage of the ‘mobile moments’ when personalized coupons and promotions delivered to shoppers on their smartphones and based on their individual profile and shopping history (at the precise moment they are in the aisle with the products) can add tremendous value.

This is the aim of a new global partnership between Aisle411 and Re-Vision, a pioneer in handheld self-scanning based in the Netherlands serving most major European retailers — including U.K. supermarket giant TESCO, German grocery store chain Edeka, Dutch supermarket chain EMTE, and Carrefour, a French hypermarket with operations in France, Belgium and Spain.

The partnership will provide an integrated solution for retailers that combines location data and self-scanning that closes the loop and opens new opportunities for stores to interact with customers on their smartphone. Specifically, the combined offering, which brings together Aisle411’s location data platform and Re-Vision’s My-Scan Omni-Channel Platform, will drive revenue for the retailers and brands through enhanced customer engagement and multiple direct one-on-one marketing opportunities.

More visits, more items

Re-Vision owner and CEO Michel Haagmans already observes that his company’s efforts to equip shoppers with the tools to self-scan have triggered a positive shift in consumer behavior — one that benefits both shoppers and stores.

At one level, the shopper can do more faster and avoid checkout lines altogether, a savings that time-crunched consumers reward with more visits to the store. “We’re seeing that these stores are becoming the preferred store for consumers,” Haagmans says.

He also reports that shoppers at these stores are buying more, an increase in basket size he chalks up to the fact that his platform encourages customer loyalty through the delivery of relevant e-coupons that shoppers can redeem at the checkout using their smartphone. The fact that shoppers receive personalized offers relevant to their purchase history and preferences exactly at the moment of making the decision has resulted in, on average, 1 out of 4 consumers is buying items with the coupons they receive on their devices. “The total sales uplift comes in at “between 6 and 8 percent,” Haagmans says.

Bundling to boost loyalty

It’s an impact on the total revenue a retailer generates that Haagmans expects to grow significantly now that Aisle411, with its local product search and in-store navigation, is part of the solution.

“Rather than have two apps — one to scan and bag your items and another to find them in the store — we are combining our capabilities and allowing the retailer to play the role of a trusted broker and guide, taking shoppers to the items they want and providing relevant promotions along the journey.”

As Haagmans sees it, it’s all about integration that improves the customer experience. “As soon as you have a shopping list created with out platform we can link to Aisle411 and show where the items are in the store and push relevant promotions depending on where the shopper is in the store.”

For retailers, the solution provides a more comprehensive understanding of shoppers’ intent at the shelf with context and location-relevant information including purchase behavior.

Indeed, access to this level of insights empowers retailers to enhance the shopping experience for customers, provides new insights to brands and allows them to increase basket size by delivering direct-to-device coupons and offers, which in turn drives revenue. “This is the visibility and the customer experience leading retailers [in Europe] are currently asking for.”

Expansion ahead

But consumers and retailers aren’t the only ones set to benefit from the tie-up between Re-Vision and Aisle411

As the market leader in Europe Re-Vision sees opportunities to introduce Aisle411’s proprietary, first-of-its-kind indoor retail mapping and location service to retail clients that have implemented self-scanning services but have yet to help shoppers find items on the shelves.

“We are positioning Aisle411 solution across our customer bases as technology that makes sense as part of their larger omni-channel strategy to improve customer experience and increase loyalty,” Haagmans explains. “These are huge hypermarkets and it’s easy to imagine how a service that helps shoppers find items on their list quickly would be richly rewarded.”
It’s also a plus that Re-Vision has recently added payments to its My-Scan Omni-Channel platform, enabling shoppers to pay via their smartphone wallet or through in-app payment.

“The combined offer with Aisle411 covers the bases to transition retailers to create a completely different customer experience,” Haagmans says. It also allows the companies to move to markets and new verticals beyond food and groceries.

Re-Vision, the leader in self-scanning implementations with nearly a 50% market share, is also gaining traction in Eastern Europe and APAC. Haagmans further expects to announce its first pilot with Aisle411 in Europe within the year.

Aisle411, which enhances the shopping experience at top retailers including Walgreens, The Home Depot and Toys “R” Us, likewise expects to see pilots of the combined offer in the U.S. in the coming months.

Woman Scanning Product Barcode On Smart Phone In Supermarket

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