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Aisle411 is the Global Leading Indoor Mapping, Location and Data Optimization Solution Provider

We are a globally trusted, scalable indoor location services platform used by major retailers, airports, offices, and convention centers.

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About Aisle411

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO’s tech innovation hub, the Cortex District, Aisle411 is a trusted indoor location services platform for global leading retailers and venue owners, offering value to the facilities management, digital, marketing and loyalty teams.


For retailers and venue owners, Aisle411 offers a mobile indoor mapping and location services platform that allows them to offer solutions to guests, staff and corporate level analytics teams. Some of the use cases include navigating guests and associates to points of interest, building assets, and even product shelf level accuracy navigation of shopping lists, all with context and location relevant information that enhances the experience.


Aisle411’s proprietary indoor mapping software and data optimization tools allow venue owners to track asset locations indoors and in-store, glean insights on staff and guest traffic, edit their data through a cloud-based map editor, and then easily offer experiences to guests and staff on mobile devices with Aisle411’s easy to use APIs and SDKS that work within the retail or venue owners’ own native mobile apps, and web based interfaces. These solutions can also be used within an API offering the latest in computer-vision based augmented reality for AR navigation and experiences at real-world scale through our Tango solutions.


Being agnostic to the indoor positioning and proximity technology, Aisle411 has experience integrating the best solutions for your use cases. We offer indoor proximity and location through beacons, wi-fi triangulation, magnetics, inertial sensors, computer-vision on mobile devices and sensors, and visible light communication technologies that can work stand-alone, or all together in one SDK. To achieve this, Aisle411 has vetted and partnered with global leading beacon and sensor providers, Apple Indoor Location, Google’s augmented reality platform, Tango, and leading lighting provider, Philips, offering visible light communication. These solutions can offer a range of positioning fidelity based on your needs, ranging from 3-5 meters to 10 cm level accuracy.


Aisle411 software services offer enterprise level sophistication and service levels, and are deployed in thousands of locations globally, across multiple industries.
Please reach out to us via email or phone to discuss your requirements, and see how Aisle411 can help you exceed your goals.

Aisle411 Ranked #2 Globally for Indoor location, Analytics and Advertising trailing only Google and tied with Apple

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Team Leaders

Aisle411 Nathan Pettyjohn

Nathan Pettyjohn

Founder & CEO

Aisle411 Matthew Kulig

Matthew Kulig


Niarcas Jeffrey

Co-Founder & CTO

Aisle411 Chris Schlanger

Chris Schlanger

VP Business Development

John Parsons

VP Sales

Daniel Hawks

Senior Product Manager

Greg Moskoff

Integration Engineer

Katherine Heitman

Quality Control Manager

Scott Murphy

Production Assistant

Staci Strawbridge

Production Manager

Chelsey Cisar

Retail Partner Manager

Minxin Guo

Mobile Developer

Si Meng

Web Application Developer

Advisory Board

Don Dodge

Abhi Dhar

Jim McKelvey

Aisle411 Phil McKoy

Phil McKoy

Ken Hannah

Board of Directors

Aisle411 Nathan Pettyjohn

Nathan Pettyjohn

Founder & CEO

Brian Matthews

Brian Matthews

Hal Gentry

Rick Holton Jr.

Travis Mitchell

Aisle411 Chris Schlanger

Chris Schlanger

VP Business Development