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Increase Guest Experience, Associate Productivity and Asset Tracking

Optimize Your Floorplan Data and Deploy Mobile, IOT, Analytics and Augmented Reality Solutions

  • API and SDK for your mobile apps
  • Works on iOS,
    Android and HTML5

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Increase the value of your venues with Aisle411 Solutions

Aisle411 indoor mapping digitizes and optimizes store inventory and floor plans into Searchable Venue Maps for mobile app and web integration.
Aisle411 supports a wide variety of indoor positioning technologies, including wi-fi, beacon, magnetic, visible light communication and computer vision.
Aisle411 Analytics turns indoor positioning data into actionable insights. Measure guest and associate behavior, monitor dwell patterns, and optimize product placement based on store traffic.
Leveraging Tango computer vision, Aisle411 AR solutions allow brands, retailers and enterprises to deploy scalable fully immersive AR solutions that include navigation, productivity and experiential use cases.

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Scale Quickly with
Aisle411’s Platform

Aisle411’s proprietary technology has scaled thousands of retail stores’ digital maps in weeks, and powers over 14,000 indoor venues, handling frequent updates and resets to inventory and floor map layouts.

Augment Your Venue with
3D Virtual Content

Aisle411 and Tango can bring your indoor spaces to life with 3D wayfinding and augmented reality experiences.


Optimize Based On
Smart Analytics and Insights

Aisle411 optimizes all your digital floorplan content with indoor location.  Our web tools allow insights teams to make smart decisions on floor layouts based upon guest and staff location and paths.

Drive Value Based On
Guest and Shopper Location

Aisle411’s patent pending indoor location platform works with existing wifi, mobile sensors, Bluetooth technology, visible light communication, computer vision and others to allow you to capture insights that drive sales, increase loyalty, and create operational efficiencies.



Turn Your Data Into Powerful
Mobile Marketing and Analytics

Aisle411 turns enterprise floor plans, space planning, inventory and planogram data into useful searchable product information for guests and associates. Aisle411’s unique data architecture, categorization systems and search taxonomy provides consumers with product and location results on a mobile store map by brand name, UPC, or generic name.


Engage Your Guests in the Aisle with Hyper-targeted Content and Promotions

Philips Lighting enables precise indoor positioning on iOS and Android devices through visible LED light. Aisle411 has partnered with Philips to deliver unique customer experiences, staff and store efficiencies, and robust indoor analytics in a comprehensive solution.

Increase the Profitability of your Venues

1. Save Lost Sales

by saving walkouts, and helping shoppers find the products they came in to the store to purchase.

2. Drive Basket Lift

by recommending relevant up-sell products based on a user’s in-store search and location.

3. Enhance Experiences

Add augmented reality to your entire venue, allowing for immersive navigation, or adding digital instructions on top of the physical world.

4. Increase Conversion Rates

by engaging guests, guiding them to products or areas of interest and purchase decisions and converting browsers into buyers.

5. Create Operational Efficiencies

by giving associates a tool to re-stock, and order pick up more efficiently.

Let's Get Started!

Aisle411 Offers a Complete Software and Services Solution

Setup, Hosting, Services and SDKs

Venue Setup

1. Upload your venue data and floormaps to Aisle411, using an enterprise grade cloud hosting environment.

2. The Aisle411 system and process organizes and optimizes your existing enterprise system CAD floormaps and facilities asset data, allowing you to expose different types of floormap data to different types of users. For retailers, upload your CAD files and store planning information and the Aisle411 data optimization system makes all your data easily searchable within digital indoor maps so that it works with product search, list mapping, and offer mapping.

3. Aisle411 will review with you the hybrid of indoor positioning and proximity technologies that will work best for your needs. This could include one or many of the following: wi-fi triangulation, mobile device inertial sensors, magnetic positioning, beacons, computer-vision sensors, computer vision mobile devices such as Tango devices, or visible light communication.

4. Upon reviewing your objectives, Aisle411 will set-up the appropriate system, and conduct a venue-enablement of each location so that indoor positioning and proximity data is connected with your digital indoor mapping data.


Aisle411 can allow you to host your own optimized venue and floorplan data, however, most of our clients ask that we host the information in a Tier 1 Cloud environment that meets the most stringent of SLAs and Security Protocols. This configuration allows Aisle411 to meet almost any enterprise hosting demands.

Data and Floorplan Updated Services

The Aisle411 system and process handles large scale inventory and floormap updates in either real-time, or in batches. As your floorplans get re-set, or data gets updated, or product inventory changes, your guests and associates get the most up-to-date information. Aisle411’s system includes an automated optimization process, and also gets quality control reviewed by our team of data quality experts to ensure the most accurate and updated information is accessible to your users.


Easily integrate searchable indoor maps onto desktop or mobile web with Aisle411’s APIs.

Search API

Locate assets, points-of-interest, and products with intuitive natural language search. Aisle411’s Search API is uniquely configured to work with indoor mapping so that your users get navigated to the precise location needed in your venue.

List Search API

The List Search API by Aisle411 allows your users to sort shopping lists or order picking lists by aisle and bay location, including digital offers, and/or recipe items.

Analytics Portal

With the Aisle411 Analytics Portal, your team gets web and mobile access to view all the analytics from your venues including search behavior, user path, dwell time and more, all connected to your indoor mapping contextual data so that you can make informed decisions about your business.


Aisle411 offers four core SDKs for indoor mapping, indoor location and location based messaging. Custom SDKs can also be set up for your specific needs. To get started, you’ll need to contact Aisle411 to discuss your venue needs, and our team can set up a test environment for you to implement the Aisle411 SDK(s) that best fits your needs.

Indoor Maps SDK

After Aisle411 has optimized your floormap data, you can integrate your searchable indoor maps onto your own iOS and Android applications with the Indoor Maps SDK.

Tango Indoor Maps SDK

Leveraging the Android, Tango augmented reality and computer vision indoor positioning system, Aisle411 can allow you to create 3D augmented reality indoor maps, and include in your Android - Tango applications for your staff and guests.

Indoor Location SDK

Aisle411’s Indoor Location SDK optimizes many indoor positioning data inputs, optimizes the most confident readings and allows you to deploy indoor positioning in your applications with one SDK on iOS and Android applications. After setting up your venue with the appropriate software and/or hardware requirements, the Indoor Location SDK can be demonstrated in your venue on staff and guest mobile devices, as well as accessed in real time on your corporate analytics and insights systems.

Location Based Messaging SDK

Deliver targeted messaging based on search, lists, and location of product, points-of-interest, guests, and staff.