In this document it is assumed that the URL for the service is
Request parameters are passed as GET-request parameters. The response from the server should be in JSON format. In addition to the request parameters specific to the request, the partner key (‘partner_id’) should be sent in the parameter string.
There are several methods that accept additional parameters ‘start’ and ‘end’. These
parameters limit the number of the objects returned by the method. If these parameters
are omitted, the service must return a number of objects that is not greater than 100,
starting with the first object in the list. This approach allows the application to:

1. Incrementally download the data from the server (i.e. first 50 entries, then next 50
entries, etc.)
2. Not to overload the server and the application when the total number of objects is
Note: Some sample requests in this document may contain non-escaped characters.