Increase the value of your venues with Aisle411 Solutions

  • We create the WOW factor for your customers by adding Augmented Reality to your venue.
  • With our technology you can reach the customer, in the right place with the right message at the right time
  • Increase your revenue by engaging guests experience, guide them to products or areas of interest and drive basket lift.
  • Measure and monitor customer behavior and optimize product placement based on store traffic with our data analytics.

Indoor Maps

Aisle411 digitizes indoor spaces and optimizes store inventory and floor plans into Searchable Venue Maps.


Indoor Positioning & Navigation

Aisle411 supports a wide variety of indoor positioning technologies to navigate, including wi-fi, beacon, magnetic, visible light communication and computer vision.


Indoor Analytics

Aisle411 Analytics turns indoor positioning data into actionable insights. Measure guest and associate behavior, monitor dwell patterns, and optimize product placement based on store traffic.


Augmented Reality

Leveraging Google Tango computer vision, Aisle411 AR solutions allow brands, retailers and enterprises to deploy scalable fully immersive AR solutions that include navigation, productivity, experiential use cases for a true WOW factor.

80 % of shoppers use their
mobile phone while shopping
47 % of shoppers want
real-time promotions
20 X increase in purchase intent, a result of timely in-store messages and advertisements
61 % of shoppers prefer to shop at stores that offer augmented reality

In case you were wondering...

How to get started with the following 3 different solution sets:

Indoor Mapping / Location / Analytics

Not a lot! To get things going all you need to deliver is:

  • a map/CAD file of the store
  • a planogram
  • a product database

With that, we can do our magic. When we have finished that we’ll help you to implement the SDK in your app and/or mobile website and off you go!

AR Navigation / Experiences

Simply explain to us your goals and our team can create a scope of work to deliver the experience you want. And if we’re not best suited to help, we’ll refer you to one of our many industry partners.

How we deal with privacy?

We do not collect any identifiable personal data from users. In fact, our users are completely anonymous to us. We never collect name, email address, phone number, social media ID, or anything else which can identify a user. We also do not collect any identifying information about the device (e.g. serial number, MAC address).

What about our changing store?

All covered! We fully understand how things work in retail. That’s why we built Store Builder. Store Builder allows retailers to scan and tag products with locations in-store with a mobile device (phone or tablet). Then data-link to a store map aisle sub-location. Just drag and drop and you’re ready!

Aisle411 creates an immersive experience for your guests

Deploying in over 14,000 Venues Across Retail, Office, Airports, Conferences and more, we are now ready to expand. Aisle411 is ranked #2 Globally for Indoor location, Analytics and Advertising trailing only Google and tied with Apple with who we both partner.

“Aisle411 is uniquely positioned in the retail environment, combining a highly innovative approach to new technologies and services with a growing number of important clients. Amongst a sea of startups in this space in 2016, ABI Research ranks Aisle411 as having the best combination of capabilities to be a major success.”

Patrick Connolly, Principal Analyst, ABI Research.