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Toys R Us

Making things easy for Toys R Us customers

Shoppers are able to use their smartphones to scan a QR code at navigational store layout sign at the entrance of Toys”R”Us stores to access a mobile-optimized store map, allowing them to search for specific products by name, item number or category, and pinpoint their exact in-aisle location.

During the holiday season, shoppers can select all the special offers they are interested in buying, and see a deal map, showing the location of all the deals and where they are located in-store.

“What we’ve learned from our customers is they need help with gift solutions, they don’t want to be overwhelmed and walk into a 200,000 square-foot store where they can’t find their way around and they want us to make it easy for them.”

Hank Mullany, Former President of Toys R Us – U.S.



800 + stores throughout the U.S.



Map deals and offers throughout the store.



Deal mappers have 34% higher tickets vs. the average ticket.