Shopper Insights


Retailers and brands can gather shopper insights throughout the path to purchase by connecting with shoppers in the aisle using the aisle411 in-store engagement platform.


Connecting Throughout the Path to Purchase

Follow your shopper’s path to purchase into the store with a two-way connection in the aisle.


By interacting with the aisle411 platform in the retailer’s app, you can respond in real-time with product or brand messaging that directly addresses whatever is top of mind for that shopper, in the aisle.


Consumer-Driven Category Optimization

Insert the shopper into your category and assortment optimization process. Capture never before seen data extracted from actual shopper behavior in the aisle. Integrate exclusive in-aisle shopper data with your current category optimization tools to deliver actionable insights.


Online Web Analytics

Access the aisle411 online reporting portal to monitor your shopper’s behavior in the aisle.  Understand the “what” and the “why” of actual in-store behavior with visibility to in-aisle digital interactions.  With web access to your data, see the impact of your optimization strategies directly from the shopper.


Contact aisle411 today at to learn how to leverage never before seen in-aisle shopper insights.