Retail Solutions

The Opportunity

aisle411 is offering its indoor map, search and monetization solution to retail partners for integration into your digital solutions. The integration process is simple.

  1. Send us basic data and our proprietary data management and map engine will build data-rich, interactive and searchable indoor maps of your stores.
  2. Monetize the solution with the aisle411 context-aware product recommendation engine.
  3. Drive incremental purchases, increase basket size and access brand digital advertising dollars.

Plus, visit the aisle411 Shopper Insights page to learn about the never-before-seen shopper data that can be accessed only with aisle411 in-aisle two-way shopper engagements.

Scalable Solutions

aisle411 is the first and only platform to scale over 7,800 locations in less than eight weeks.  aisle411’s scalable solution reached 75% of the U.S. population in under two months.

Developer API

The aisle411 solution is available to your developer via easy API and SDK integration.


Aisle411 Retail Solution
Aisle411 in your App

Build Bigger Baskets

Build bigger baskets and enhance the in-store shopping experience with aisle411’s in-store location engagement platform. Integrate indoor maps, search and navigation directly into your existing or emerging app and monetize your digital connections.

Use aisle411’s proprietary in-store product recommendation engine with an easy ad insertion portal to drive incremental items into your shopper’s basket.

Use Case Examples:

Shopper has steak on their shopping list, tell them about a special on steak kabobs.

Shopper checks milk off their list, suggest Eggs while the shopper is in the dairy aisle.

Deliver seasonally relevant product recommendations.

Shopper searches for Chili, drive traffic to a less frequently visited department in your store.


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